With 2toDrive you can start earlier with driving lessons, namely from 16.5 years. when your turn 17 you can take the driving test. If you pass, then you can drive under supervision until your 18th birthday.

2toDrive is an experiment in which you gain driving experience under the supervision of a coach. Young people and new drivers are more often involved in accidents than experienced drivers due to less driving experience. 2toDrive ensures that you can gain driving experience under relatively safe conditions for a longer period of time.

how does it work?

16 Yrs

Theory Exams

You can start preparing for your theory exams

16,5 Yrs

Driving Practice

You can start taking driving practice lessons

17 Yrs

Driving Test

You can take the driving test. When you obtain your driving license, you can drive with your coach until you are 18 years old.

18 Yrs


You can drive independently.

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